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Medal Games & Servers API Documentation

Welcome to the Medal Games & Servers API documentation. This guide provides comprehensive details to help you integrate your games with the Medal capture system, enhancing gameplay with triggered video captures and rich contextual information.

Base URL


Note: This API is intended for local use and can be accessed via the above base URL.


To authenticate your requests, include your public key in the header of each API call:

"publicKey": "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY"

⚠️ Important: Authentication with a valid public key is mandatory for all API requests.

Don’t have a key yet? Apply for one here.


Set Creator Code

This endpoint is used to set a creator code for a specific game or server. Upon successful setting of the creator code, it returns the associated Medal user ID.

CreatorCode Object:

Property Name Description Example Value Required
creatorCode The creator code to be set "YourCreatorCode123" Yes
Example CreatorCode
    "creatorCode": "YourCreatorCode123"
Example Success Response
    "success": true,
    "message": "Requested creator code update for medal user YourCreatorCode123",
    "medalUserId": "medalUserIdExample"

Submit Context

This endpoint allows for the submission of game context, including details about the local player, the server, and relevant global context tags.

GameContext Object:

Property Name Description Example Value Required
serverId Unique ID of the server "" No
serverName Name of the server "DiamondCraft" No
localPlayer Object containing local player information {"playerId": "playerSteve01", "playerName": "SteveTheMiner"} No
customStatus Custom activity status to set for the user Fighting the Ender Dragon No
globalContextTags Tags for global context as hashtags {"client": "clientname", "mode": "survival", "server": "diamondcraft"} No
globalContextData Additional metadata for global context {"biome": "Plains", "weather": "Clear", "joinUrl": ""} No

Example GameContext:

    "serverId": "",
    "serverName": "DiamondCraft",
    "localPlayer": {
        "playerId": "playerSteve01",
        "playerName": "SteveTheMiner"
    "globalContextTags": {
        "client": "clientname",
        "mode": "survival",
        "server": "diamondcraft"
    "globalContextData": {
        "biome": "Plains",
        "weather": "Clear",
        "joinUrl": ""

💡 Note: globalContextTags appear as #hashtags on clips. globalContextData is used as invisible metadata.

Invoke Game Event

Trigger a game event to initiate clip capture or bookmarking with associated context tags.

GameEvent Object:

Property Name Description Example Value Required
eventId Unique ID of the game event "evt_dragon_defeat01" Yes
eventName Name of the game event "Ender Dragon Defeated" Yes
otherPlayers Array of other player objects [{"playerId": "playerAlex02", "playerName": "AlexTheExplorer"}] No
contextTags Tags for event context as hashtags {"location": "finalboss", "boss": "enderdragon"} No
triggerActions Actions to be triggered by the event ["SaveClip", "SaveScreenshot"] No
clipOptions Options for clip capture {"duration": 30} No

Example GameEvent:

    "eventId": "evt_dragon_defeat01",
    "eventName": "Ender Dragon Defeated",
    "otherPlayers": [ 
        { "playerId": "playerAlex02", "playerName": "AlexTheExplorer" }
    "contextTags": {
        "location": "finalboss",
        "boss": "enderdragon"
    "triggerActions": ["SaveClip", "SaveScreenshot"],
    "clipOptions": {
        "duration": 30

💡 Note: contextTags will be visible as #hashtags on clips.

Example Success Response:

  "success": true,
  "eventName": "Ender Dragon Defeated",
  "message": "Event received and processed.",
  "actionsCompleted": ["SaveClip", "SaveScreenshot"]

Error Handling

Errors are communicated through HTTP status codes. If you encounter a 400 Bad Request, check your request format and headers. For a 500 Internal Server Error, please contact support.


The Medal Games API enables game developers to:

This API is a powerful tool for enriching player experiences and increasing engagement with your game content.